Grams Honda / Acura 72mm Drive-By-Wire Throttle Body

Price: $379.99

Grams Performance & Design Honda/Acura 72mm Drive-By-Wire Throttle Body. Announcing a unique electronic drive system only available from Grams Performance. This drive system is paired with the finest throttle body technology in the industry. This all new technology features a proprietary cap and motor. The complete drive-by-wire unit features CNC-machined, 6061 aluminum construction, an 80mm inlet and a 72mm outlet. There is no core exchange required. The kit is complete and ready to go, straight from the box. This is the only complete system on the market today. Each system features proprietary internals that allow for increased airflow without sacrificing the smooth throttle characteristics Honda & Acura owners expect. The key is a larger throttle body producing additional power throughout the powerband on modified engines demanding increased airflow. Grams Performance’s drive-by-wire systems for K-series engines feature a large bore, resulting in significant horsepower gains on naturally aspirated and forced induction applications. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Pre-programed response curve for optimum throttle response Complete and ready to run (bolt on / plug in - no more changing caps and motors) Direct fit Complete unit (throttle body, harness adapter, proprietary cap and motor) Tapered inlet