Mugen 4-Piece Body Kit for 2010+ Insight - SAVE 40%!

Price: $1,573.00

Regularly priced at $1,573 - you save $623!

This is the biggest discount we have ever offered on a Mugen product!

This 4-piece aero kit includes the Front Under Spoiler, Side Spoilers and Rear Under Spoiler. These parts are primed and ready for paint.

The Mugen Hybrid Intelligent Sports Aerodynamic Enhancements were designed from the start to achieve a lower drag coefficient and eliminate lift. These pieces were developed utilizing substantial wind tunnel testing. As with all Mugen aerodynamic pieces, form followed function - the Insight's style and appearance are vastly improved in typical sublime Mugen style. These pieces deliver with quality, results and appearance. All pieces fit the U.S. market Insight and are made of top-quality materials, ensuring a perfect fit.

Ventilated Visors are listed separately.