Blox Front Camber Kit - Standard Series

Price: $140.00

BLOX Racing’s standard adjustable front camber kits are designed to
replace the vehicle’s factory upper control arms.  BLOX Racing
adjustable front camber kits allow the user to adjust and fine tune the
front suspension’s camber settings for optimum driving and cornering

By properly adjusting the front camber settings, premature and uneven
tire wear can be reduced while greater tire contact patch can be
created.  Whether you are street driving, road racing or drag racing,
BLOX Racing front adjustable camber kits will help you fine tune your
front suspension settings easily and quickly.

BLOX Racing’s original front camber kit features its standard sliding ball joints, which allow for quick and easy adjustments.

Each camber kit is powder-coated for durability. Adjustment range: +/- 4°