AEM Cold Air Intake for CR-Z

Price: $345.00

To compliment Honda's CR-Z sport hybrid, AEM has introduced a new intake system that boosts engine performance while seamlessly integrating into the engine bay.

AEM engineered this Cold Air intake system to relocate the air filter with sleek tubing to the outside of the engine bay in order to deliver air with lower temperatures to the air inlet. This aids in achieving increased horsepower since cooler air is denser and carries more oxygen molecules to the combustion chamber.

The AEM intake design comes with choice of two finishes, gunmetal gray or polished. The gunmetal gray tube is powder coated, while the finish on the polished tube is vacuum metalized.  These finishes are incredibly resilient to the harsh environment that exists under the hood which can cause oxidation and fading.

The cold air intakes have an AEM Dryflow™ air filter, part number 21-201DK.  This high flowing filter traps dust and debris through an extremely durable synthetic media.  The filter incorporates a metal screen on the outside of the media that enhances airflow and aids in keeping the pleating in the proper position.

Dyno testing was done on AEM's 2011 Honda CR-Z 1.5L air intake systems and showed an estimated increase of 4 horsepower at 5400 rpm. AEM 21-700C and 21-700P come with detailed installation instructions that take you step by step through the simple process of installing one of these air intake systems on the 2011 Honda CR-Z with the 1.5L i-VTEC engine.

AEM Air Intake Systems come with a lifetime limited warranty.  To find all AEM products for your vehicle, use the AEM application search function and the Where to Buy function on to find an AEM dealer near you.

AEM CR-Z Cold Air Intake Dyno Chart
AEM CR-Z Cold Air Intake Installation Instructions