King Motorsports Custom Headers

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Hand-fabricated for any H, B or K series application, King Motorsports' custom headers ensure that you're extracting every last bit of horsepower from your engine. Whether your engine is still in the original chassis, or swapped into any Honda/Acura platform, we'll build you a header that is a PERFECT FIT.
While some aftermarket headers increase power at either the low or high ends of the torque curve, or don't really do anything at all, a King Motorsports header built specifically for your application will not only give you the power where you need it, but also give an excellent torque curve.
Our header designs are based on 27+ years of experience building circuit, street performance and drag strip engines. The simple fact is that no mass-produced header will take advantage of your engine's power like a King custom-fabricated header.
Based on your engine's modifications and intended use, we design tube size, step length, cylinder pairing, merge location and merge angle among many other considerations. Maximizing both flow AND velocity to ensure good scavenging without restriction is critical.
As with all of our fabricated pieces, quality is unsurpassed. We utilize mandrel-bent 304 stainless tubing and all flanges are CNC'd and double checked against warpage. Pipes are back-purged during welding to ensure the strongest welds possible - you simply cannot find better welds. Our headers are most often built with a JDM 2-1/2 inch collector and are made to eliminate the catalytic converter, but we can use a USDM 2-1/4, a taper w/spring retention or an efficient open collector for engines that don't require exhaust.