NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs - #6 Heat Range

Price: $9.00

Iridium IX Spark Plugs are the mosttechnologically advanced high performance plugs available. Featuring a0.6 mm iridium center electrode tip, they offer superior ignitabilitywithout sacrificing durability. The tapered ground electrode increasesflame kernel expansion, while the superior heat range design is ideallysuited to the demands of high performance environments. Speciallydesigned to meet the needs of serious enthusiasts, Iridium IX SparkPlugs offer outstanding acceleration, high fuel efficiency and longlife. When you demand the most from your engine, rely on the provenperformance of NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs. NGK's new Iridium IX is the personification of these qualities and takes premium performance spark plugsto a new level. A level that is expected from the world leader in spark plugs. Price Per Spark Plug