NGK V-Power Spark Plugs - #6 Heat Range

Price: $3.75

Advanced V-groove center electrode provides optimum performance and fuel efficiencyrequired by today's lean-burning engines. Modern lean-burning, fuel efficient engines create a new set ofrequirements for spark plugs. NGK Spark Plugs answered the callfor a spark plug with lower sparking voltage requirements by developingthe V-Power, the only spark plug with a v-groove center electrode on themarket today. Why is this important? The v-groove center electrodeon a V-Power spark plug forces the spark to the outer edge of the groundelectrode, placing it closer to the air/fuel mixture. What this does isallow the spark to more quickly ignite the mixture, providing more complete combustion. More complete combustion not only provides more power, it also means lessharmful emissions. These emissions are not only damaging to the environment,they can reduce the life of expensive catalytic converters and oxygen sensors.V-Power Spark Plugs also require lower ignition firing voltage, resulting inquicker starts and easier cold weather starts throughout the life of the plugs. NGK V-Power Spark Plugs also are ideally suited for race cars and highperformance street cars. Today's performance engines are high compression/highstress applications. Many are supercharged, turbo-charged or nitrous oxide fed. NGK's patented v-groove design allows the ignition systemto easily spark in these dense air/fuel mixtures. The flame kernel will quicklygrow and allow the engineto potentially make more power since it now is operating more efficiently. As an added bonus, the v-groove forcing the spark to the outer edge of the groundelectrode helps reduce the "quenching" effect, reducing misfires caused by highcylinder pressures "blowing out" the spark. Price Per Spark Plug