RC Engineering High Impedance Saturated Injectors - 440cc, (4 pack)

Price: $355.00

This is a
partial listing of available injector sizes – Please call for information on
particular applications or any unique requirements that you may have.  We
can provide injectors in any format, for any type of mounting or fuel rail
configuration, Hose end, large “O” ring (American /Euro.) fuel rail, Sm. “O”
ring (Japanese) fuel rail and a variety of custom sizes for use with Additional
Injector Controller units.

Injectors are classified in two basic types, Peak and Hold (low resistance –
2.5/3 Ohms) and Saturated (high resistance – 12/16 Ohms). Injector type must be
matched to your specific computer, injector driver type. If you don’t know
which type is correct for your application, give us a call and we will assist
you in making the proper selection .


order to select the correct size injector for your UP-GRADE / RACING
application, you may wish to use the following formula.  In most cases, a
naturally aspirated engine will have a Brake Specific Fuel Consumption  of
.50. This means that the engine will use .50 Lbs. of fuel/Hr for each
Horsepower that it produces. Turbo charged engines would want to be at .60
Lbs./Hr. or higher. Using these numbers, as a guideline,  you can
select the approximate injector size in the following formula for a 4 cyl. N/A
Engine @ 200 BHP.


injectors will max. out at 80% Duty Cycle and this is the accepted Industry


Change Horsepower, B.S.F.C., Duty Cycle and number of
injectors as required for your application.   

Divide required Horsepower by number of
injectors used    ---   (200 HP / 4 INJ.) = 50 HP PER.

 (50HP X .50 B.S.F.C.) = 25
Lbs/Hr   –   (25 Lbs/Hr / .80% Duty) =  31.25 Lbs/Hr
Static flow rate.

 31.25 Lbs/Hr  X  10.50 = 328 cc/Min. Static flow rate

Because different computer injector drivers respond at different rates, and
injectors have different response times, all flow rates are static - (wide
open) at 43.5 P.S.I.G.  This Standard Test allows us to accurately compare
injectors of different types and flow rates, regardless of computer type or OEM
pressure used.