Blox Traction Bars - EG, DC2 w/B Series

Price: $249.00

The BLOX Racing Competition Series Traction Bar Kit is designed to increase the rigidity and stability of the vehicle’s front suspension.  By tying-in the front lower control arms to the frame, the front suspension becomes more solid thus increasing traction and eliminating wheel-hop.  For front wheel drive drag racers and road racers, this directly results in reduced 60-ft times and cornering speeds.\ The BLOX Racing Competition Traction Bar is powder-coated for durability and corrosion resistance, while the AL6061 radius arms are anodized.  Each kit is a direct bolt-on installation and can be performed with basic skills and tools. The BLOX Racing Competition Series Traction Bar will work with B-series or K-series motor swaps.  May not fit with custom side-out headers or downpipes.