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King Motorsports tunes on an in-house  2WD Dynojet 224xLC Dynamometer. The decision to buy a Dynoject dyno was based on a number of factors... Quality, Reputation, Ease-of-Use, and Consistency in Data!! Run-to-run and dyno-to-dyno, the Dynojet wins hands down. It is packed with features and has quickly become the industry standard.
Dynoject 224xLC features:

Measures up to 2000 Horsepower and up to 200 Miles Per Hour

224xLC can perform load tests including step, sweep and loaded roll-on

Closed loop load testing is also available by targeting engine rpm, speed or percentage of load

A simple click of the mouse or keyboard can turn the 224xLC from an eddy current dynamometer back into an inertia only dynamometer or vice versa

Wideband Air/ Fuel Ratio System

4 Channel Analog Module for plotting any 0-5V sensor such as, but not limited to: Boost Pressure, Fuel Pressure, Oil Pressure, AIT Temp, Exhaust Gas Temp, and more.

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