Carbonetic Short Ratio Gear - JDM Integra DC2 - 1st Gear

Price: $200.00

With the gear ratio closer to each other than stock, Carbonetic close ratio gear sets are designed to keep the engine revs at the optimal range. Carbonetic Close Ratio Gear Sets:
-Improve your lap time by keeping the revs at the most powerful range (VTEC is fully utilised in Honda VTEC powered vehicles).
-Can be combined with the Carbonetic Final Gear
-Feature 3rd & 4th gears that are reinforced with special shot peening

1st - 3.077 (13:40)
2nd - 1.652 (23:38)
4th - 1.308 (26:34)
5th - 1.033 (30:31)

NOTES: These gear sets do not fit B16A or B18 cable transmissions. If you have a GSR transmission with a 1.90 (or close to 1.90), ACROSS recommends changing to a 2.10 second gear - this requires a Type R mainshaft and Type R second gear. If you are using a Carbonetic 4.928 final drive, please choose the A37122-16 1st gear.