Blox 4-2-2-1 Tri-Y Hi-Flo Header

Price: $639.99

BLOX Racing is proud to offer two different exhaust headers for Honda B-series engines.   The
Hi-Flo is specifically designed for engines 1.6L-1.9L in displacement and features
innovative step-up tubing design, TIG-welded stainless steel tubing and
flanges, and true 2.5” exhaust collectors.     
*4-2-2-1 Tri-Y Design
*2 piece w/spring hinges
*SUS304 Stainless Steel constuction
*Tig welded seams
*Internally tig welded head seams
*1.5mm wall thickness
*10mm head flange thickness
*8mm exhaust flange thickness
*2.5" collector