AEM Peak & Hold Injector Driver

Price: $328.00

As an engine’s performance potential reaches the limit, the inherently slower dynamic response of factory high-impedance injectors decreases an injector’s usable flow range, which can cause inconsistent fuel delivery under full load. AEM’s Peak & Hold Injector Driver allows ECU’s that have a saturated injector drive circuit to instead trigger low impedance injectors with a true 4/1 Peak & Hold injector drive circuit, virtually eliminating any lag in response time for injector opening.

AEM’s Peak & Hold Injector Driver contains 10 independent injector drive channels. Each channel supplies full battery voltage to a fuel injector for rapid current rise in order to produce positive injector opening. When load current reaches 4.1A (amps), the injector driver reduces the load current to 1.1A and operates as a constant current source. This condition holds the injector open, and reduces system power dissipation. If the current fails to reach 4.1A within 5mS (milliseconds), the driver module automatically reduces the load current to 1.1A.