Omni Power USA Replacement Tachometer - 9000 RPM Redline

Price: $139.00

Omni Power USA replacement tachometers are unique because they fit directly into the factory cluster and require no wiring or custom mounting. This feature allows the vehicle to maintain a factory appearance, with a more accurate and higher RPM capability. Omni Power developed their own software in house to run the modern digital gear driven stepper motor. This was crucial to ensure the tachometer is accurate and has fast enough movement to keep up with highly responsive high revving engines. We use the same digital gear driven stepper motor as Porsche and other exotic automobiles. The OEM Honda EF,EG,EK, and DC tachometer is not accurate. They typically read about 200-600 RPM fast at engine speeds above 7000 RPM. To maintain precise accuracy at all times, Omni Power developed a special monitoring software that ensures that their tachometer will be accurate at all times. Each tachometer is manufactured in the USA. Assembly, programming and testing are done in house, to ensure the highest level of quality.