King Porting Service Skunk2 Intake Manifold - D, B, H Series

Price: $800.00

Skunk2's Pro Series Intake Manifolds are proven performers, but we take them even further!

Since the internal combustion engine is basically an air pump, the more air you get to the cylinders, the more power you’ll make. The Pro Series are designed to deliver increased volume for performance engines, however they are still untouched internally. We re-configure the inside of the plenum and runners to increase volume and velocity.

To achieve maximum air flow, the manifold is cut apart, then we port the runners and plenum for maximum capacity and runner velocity. In addition the flange is port-matched or gasket matched, and the throttle body opening is bored if necessary. Once the porting is completed, the manifold is meticulously welded back together.

In addition to porting, we also offer flange modification for water port issues on swaps, as well as custom plenum enlargement.

King’s porting methods were developed on the flowbench after many hours of R&D, then tested and proven out on the dyno.

Price is for labor only. Call to make arrangements to send you manifold in, or we would be glad to sell you a brand-new unit.