Aeromotive Fuel Filter - 100 Micron - Pro Series

Price: $181.00

Finally, a place where bigger really is better. What defines an
efficient filter? As little pressure drop as possible. How do you
achieve a low pressure drop? Area. How do you get a lot of area into a
compact inline filter? Pleats. More pleats mean more area and in turn,
better flowing filters. Our in-line filters boast the largest area
elements in the industry.

Our fuel filters aren't just better on the inside, they are arguably
the most appealing filter in the industry on the outside. Machined out
of Aircraft grade billet aluminum alloy and precision coated with your
option of bright dip red or black anodize, hardcoat, nickel plating or
even a polished finish in our Platinum Series.

Variety, quality, unmatched performance and finish leave all other
filters in the dust. Donʼt trust your investment with any other filter.