Red Line MTL

Price: $17.95

Red Line Oil's MTL is designed to provide excellent
protection and improved shiftability for manual transmissions and
transaxles, having cured the problem of hard shifting in thousands of
transmissions with shifting troubles. How? They have the appropriate
coefficient of friction for most manual transmission synchronizers
(many gear oils, engine oils, and ATFs are too slippery for proper
synchro engagement). And, the wide viscosity of MTL allows for
proper shifting over the entire temperature range which the
transmission will experience. The synthetic base oils used have a very
high viscosity index which provides relatively constant viscosity as
temperature changes. MTL is a low 70W at very low temperatures and a
high 80W, nearly an 85W, at elevated temperatures, providing adequate
viscosity to prevent wear and deaden gear noise. The shear stability and oxidation stability of
this product is excellent, thus the physical characteristics of Red
Line MTL will change little with use.